Wood Look Tile: Luxury Without the Price Tag

What is Wood Look Tile?

Wood Look Tile is exactly as it sounds- Tile that looks like wood.

“What’s so great about tile that looks like wood?” you might ask. Well…

Looking through magazines and Pinterest you see the beautiful kitchens done in hardwood flooring that flows into an open concept living room. It looks great because there is no transition from one room to the next making your home look even larger. But is it practical to have hardwood floors in a kitchen where moisture can be introduced to the floors?

Suddenly, your big dreams of hardwood flooring are flushed away. But wait, don’t give up now, there is a solution, possibly even a better option- Wood Look Tile!

The Advantages of Tile That Looks like Wood

● The first and most notable advantage it has over real hardwood is the cost difference. Wood Look Tile flooring is made of porcelain or ceramic, which generally runs much cheaper than real wood flooring.

Of course, you can dig and find the extreme options of expensive tile Vs. Cheap wood flooring, but for the most part, Wood Look Tile is a pretty enticing deal in comparison to traditional wood plank flooring.

● Durability is everything. These days people look to get the biggest bang for their buck not only with initial price tags but with durability and longevity as well (What can we say, everyone has become smarter shoppers). Although real wood can last a very long time, it is relatively easy to scratch, scuff, and damage without proper care and caution.

With that being said, you may be looking at more than just cost, and if that’s the case, tile that looks like wood is definitely for you! It’s not only tough and scratch-

Wood Look Tile flooring in a living rooms.

resistant but also waterproof. So, if you have pets, kids, or just simply want a stronger and longer-lasting material, tile is a great choice.

● Wood Look Tile is sleek and versatile! The wood-look tile option provides much more than affordability and durability. With tile that looks like wood generally costing much less than the real thing, you don’t have to sacrifice your style and design plan due to your budget restraints, which means you get more options.

Maybe you like the idea of using tiles that looks like wood for an accent wall in your home… go for it. You can afford it now! Perhaps with real wood pricing, your flooring plan was limited to only being able to get enough new flooring for a couple of rooms. The Wood-style Tile pricing difference can help you stretch any project much further with the same look.

● Style! It offers you a plethora of styles. Modern, Traditional, Contemporary Eclectic, Rustic, Coastal, Farmhouse, Shabby Chic, French Country and Classic, just to name a few.

Tile flooring that looks like wood can give your home the same expensive look and style that real wood does at half the cost! With tile flooring that looks like wood, the possibilities are endless. You can pick from a wide range of colors and natural-looking wood grain designs that speak to you and fit the style that you’re going for.

• Tile can be installed in many different patterns creating several different looks. Straight, Diagonal, Herringbone, crosshatch is just a few. Different patterns can visually expand a narrow room and hide a room’s imperfection. Patterns also help with rooms that are not symmetrical or have an odd shape to it.

Wood-Style Tile for the Win!        

As you can see, when it comes to price, durability, versatility, and style, Wood Look Tile is a wonderful option! Stop letting your budget define your flooring possibilities. Call The 99 Cent Floor Store Today and embrace the wood-style flooring you’ve always wanted!


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