Pet ownership is a wonderful experience and a rewarding part of life.

Opening your home and sharing it with a pet adds another member to your family and a new dynamic to your quality of life, but the fact remains, pet ownership presents its own set of challenges.

Times are not always easy. There are responsibilities ranging from the mundane tasks of ensuring your pet is properly fed, to the those of a more serious nature and ensuring your pet’s health and safety…and then there’s the neverending cycle of keeping your home clean.

The truth is, pets, love them as we may, are great at cuddling and somehow even better at creating messes.

Spills, accidents, and things that in general feel as if they are indescribable, there are times in which it feels as though the world’s fuzziest toddler has been released into your home unsupervised and more curious than a monkey named George. What is a homeowner to do?

The heavens have heard our humble cry and a solution has been presented. Behold, tile flooring.

Tile floors are perfect for pet owners and can do so much more than simply protect from Fido’s latest incident. Tile floors are versatile and are even available with hardwood finishes to give your home a look without running the risk of sacrificing the integrity of your home’s flooring. The perfect balance for those looking for the hardwood floor aesthetic for a fraction of the costs and a larger amount of benefits for pet owners. Take a look and discover exactly what tile floors can do for your home or business and how they can help improve your overall quality of life.

                                                                          The Benefits of Tile Flooring

It’s no secret that tile floors can bring a pop of style to any home; however, many pet owners don’t realize that by optimizing for other styles and options, they may be missing the best available option for them.

Together we can see exactly how tile floors can help pets and pet owners alike from unwarranted headaches or costly repairs down the line.

Tile Floors Are Easier to Clean a Pet’s Untimely Mess

As we’ve previously touched on, a tile floor can save a homeowner time in their everlasting fight against a dirty home. Tile floors can be easily swept to discard of unwanted collections of pet hair; additionally, spills and accidents can be just as easily mopped up and discarded.

The one area that can tend to show a minor issue is the grout between your tiles, but no worries here. Just be sure to inspect the affected area and apply the appropriate amount of attention in between your tiles. Soon, your home will be good as new with far less effort as other flooring types.

Tile Floors Can Help Prevent Damage

There are many great flooring types that are all great flooring options in their own right and can even accommodate an active pet lifestyle. The issue here is that tile floors can do so at a far greater capacity.

Cats and especially kittens give us a countless digital library of memes, entertaining videos, and delightful stories that can fill our hearts with joy. They can also wreak havoc on your floors. Cats love to sharpen their claws and stretch their legs and some flooring may fall victim here as they provide the perfect opportunity in which to do both.

Tile floors, on the other hand, provides a smoother surface that cannot be ripped by your favorite feline’s bean toes.

Bigger animals such as a larger dog can also benefit from a material that is not easily destroyed. Big or small, dogs can inadvertently harm your flooring both soft and hard due to the use of their claws to stabilize and walk. Tile provides them with the perfect surface in which maneuver that will protect your home.

                                                                          Tile Floors Provide Flexibility tile-flooring-panel

The benefits of tile floors include their easy in cleaning and their ability to withstand both typically dry and wet environments. Pet owners can take advantage of these benefits by designing their home to better accommodate their lifestyle.

For example, if your home has a high traffic area in which animals are routinely involved and prone to accidents, then tile floors may be the perfect flooring for your entertaining area. On the other hand, if your pet is more likely to keep to themselves when entertaining or during busier times, positioning tile in rooms they are more likely to frequent can provide them with a safe space, including bathrooms or other potentially wet areas, for a fraction of the costs of other materials.

Pet comfort on your mind?
Not to worry, accenting your home with rugs and mats is the perfect solution to not only provide a softer space for your pet to rest but also complements the overall look of your home.

Modern Tile Solutions for Pet Owners

Tile floors are a great addition to any home and are positioned to provide many benefits to pet owners and pets alike.

If you own a pet or are just simply looking to make a change in the look of your home’s flooring, contact the experts North Houston has been trusting for years at the 99¢ Floor Store.

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