Solution Dyed Carpet!

Carpet is comfort. it’s just that simple. In a day where nearly everyone seems to want tile or wood flooring, there are still people who enjoy the cozy homey feel of lush carpeting.

Carpeting is wonderful for people who like to come home, kick off their shoes and lounge around the house. Even more so for families with small children who spend a lot of time crawling around on the floor or building blanket-forts to watch movies in the living room.

In other cases, you may just prefer a soft warm landing when you rise out of bed in the mornings to start your day, carpet is perfect for that too.

The only real struggle with carpeting is the many options to choose from when trying to decide which best fits your home and lifestyle. In this article, we are going to be going over a little about solution dyed carpet and why it may be the best choice for your home.

What is Solution Dyed Carpet?

Just as it sounds, solution dyed carpet is simply the process of adding a range of color options to synthetic fibers to achieve the perfect color as well as an added layer of protection for material durability.

In other carpet dying methods, the carpeting is dipped into a dying solution after the production of the fibers, because the fibers are synthetic, they do not absorb, meaning the color overlay is merely a surface stained color and less durable.

Solution dyed carpeting is great for homes and businesses

Whereas with solution dyed carpeting, the dye is introduced into the fibers in their liquid state, making the color even more pure and durable.

What’s so Great About Solution Dyed Carpet Anyway?

Well, there are many advantages to choosing solution dyed carpeting for your home, Such as:

  • Solution dyed carpeting doesn’t fade, its coloring remains pure and vibrant.
  • Solution dyed carpet is also far less likely to bleach or discolor due to harsh cleaning products.
  • Solution dyed carpeting is a pretty hardy material, resistant to even the toughest stains like red wine or coffee!
  • Because solution dyed carpeting is so hardy and resistant, most manufacturers offer some fairly full-proof stain and fade protection warranties.
  • Solution dyed carpeting makes having an accident-prone toddler a breeze!
  • Solution dyed carpeting is also great for pet owners looking to maintain a spotless floor.

Not only are the solution dyed synthetic fibers protected against stain damage, but they are also chemically sealed, therefore it’s much easier to vacuum without stain absorption or debris buildup fighting back.

Solution Dyed Carpeting- Put it at the top of your list!

Whether you are moving your family into a new home, building a home of your own, or simply upgrading what you have, solution dyed carpeting is a great choice that will not only please but last as well.


Hopefully, this article gave you a little insight into solution dyed carpeting and what makes it a great choice for your home. When shopping around for your new carpeting, be sure to ask the professionals at the 99 Cent Floor Store about solution dyed options. You may just find exactly what you’re looking for.

Give them a call today at 281-907-6444. When shopping for carpet, find the comfort that lasts.