Renovation Inspiration: Upgrading Your Bathroom for Less

Looking for Bathroom Renovation Inspiration?

The bathroom, a room of many vital functions for every household member and while we could divulge into many topics here, often overlooked is the possibility of function and luxury our bathrooms can become.

Think about it, the living room, your bedroom, they all serve a great purpose, but when you want to get away from it all, sometimes a hot shower or a long bath is really a slice of heaven on Earth.

Bathrooms are truly the unsung heroes of our homes.

But sometimes our bathrooms can feel less like the oasis it can be and more like a forgotten room we put up with. What is one to do?

Renovate, of course!

Renovation and rejuvenation go hand in hand, and by revamping the look of your bathroom, you can give the room an entirely different feel, all while retaining its functionality.

Ready to get started?

Get inspired with this guide to updating and facelifting your bathroom without hurting your pocketbook.

Tile Flooring Isn’t Just for FlooringTile installation

Getting creative is going to go a long way in any home renovation, and so it should come as no surprise that innovative uses of materials in your bathroom will have the same effect.

It’s all about creating an aesthetic. If you want your bathroom to feel like an oasis, you’re going to need it to look the part.

Using decorative wall tile is a great way to add a layer of texture and a defined look to your bathroom’s decor.

Incorporating wall tiles into a variety of spaces in your bathroom is a must, but one particular technique that stands out above the rest is the use of wall tile as an accent.

Creating a pop by having one of your shower walls a different texture with the wall tiles or creating a backsplash of sorts for your sink and vanity area will draw eyes and set the tone.

Wall tiles can be used along with other options such as decorative tiles to bring in patterns and express yourself in more ways than one.

Tile flooring of all sorts, shapes, and sizes can be added to your bathroom and enhance the experience even further. Just be sure to speak with professionals before installing due to the potential difficulty of cutting the tile and making things fit just right.

Add New Fixtures for a Rejuvenated Look

Remember how we spoke on creating a defined look?

New fixtures provide a focal point of the bathroom with a new look and an upgrade.

An elegant bathroom that is highlighted by its beautiful fixtures is sure to help create a relaxing experience for any homeowner and “wow” their guests every time.

Sit Back and Relax in the Jacuzzi you DeserveRelaxing Jacuzzi

Aesthetics are nice, but the main event is all about where you spend your time while you’re trying to unwind.

A bathtub is great, and there are plenty of options out there that exude luxury and relaxation but to really take it up a notch…it’s all about the jacuzzi.

Jets to relax the muscles after a hard day at work, room to stretch out and relax while you free your mind…jacuzzis are one of those additions that just can’t be replicated by many other things.

A nice jacuzzi can set you back thousands so, we aren’t going to pretend that it’s the cheapest route to go. After all, you can secure a beautiful bathtub for much cheaper.

However, don’t be fooled, the jacuzzi of your dreams doesn’t have to run your bank account dry if you work with experts who can provide quality bathtubs that can fulfill your needs and budget. You just have to know where to look.

Not Your Thing? A Spacious Shower is Cheaper Than You Think

We’ve already declared our love for a nice bathtub or a luxurious jacuzzi, but don’t be fooled; we’re not discrediting an amazing shower by any means.

Showers provide their own distinct level of comfort and feel that may better suit a household’s personal preference or lifestyle.

Grabbing a spacious shower for your bathroom can cost a lot less than most people assume and will provide the perfect answer to a hot Houston, TX day.

Cold beads of refreshing water raining down on your skin after a long day of outdoor chores…tell us, how does it get better than that?

Finally get Your Bathroom Renovation Without Breaking the BankSave your money!

Finding the right combination of decor upgrades and renovation projects for your bathroom and balancing those aspirations with a budget can be difficult.

With so many options and plenty of expensive ones, it can be intimidating to know where to even begin.

The experts of the 99 Cent Floor Store are prepared to help you save money and find the right bathtub or flooring options to elevate your next bathroom renovation project without overspending.

Contact us today and begin renovating your new bathroom oasis destination.