It’s Spring in Spring

A tray of burgers has just been placed on your table, fresh off the grill. You have a cool beverage in one hand and a frisbee in the other. The kids are playing football and Saturdays seem to just move a little slower. Enjoy it friends, patio weather in Spring, TX is finally here!

Houstonians know how to celebrate the revitalization of the earth with good food, great times, and even better friends. Hosting parties or simply just enjoying your lawn after a week surrounded by concrete is an art form and a therapy no doctor can provide; however, owning and maintaining outdoor furniture can be a hassle to put it lightly. Rain and the harsh southern sun can wreak havoc on any patio set.

That’s where teak wood comes in.

Hailing from the southern regions of Asia, teak wood is a great material for outdoor furniture and is the perfect addition to your home’s outdoor living space. This gift of nature has been used throughout history as the choice material for boat builders and has a history of not only surviving harsh conditions but thrive within them.

Our helpful guide will show you how to add a level of sophistication to your next gathering all while reducing the upkeep involved.


What to Know About Teak Furniture


If you are familiar with teak furniture, you may be concerned as it has developed a reputation as being somewhat costly. Fear no longer, as we’ll show you exactly how to get the most out of your teak furniture for a fraction of the cost and walk through the many benefits teak wood can bring to your patio area.


Teak Possesses Longevity

Teak wood is a strong and durable option to use when building and has built a reputation as a wood that truly goes the distance. Teak furniture stands the rest of time and when purchased, expect the natural durability to provide many decades of service as opposed to needing an upgrade or replacement common with patio furniture of lesser quality. Teak contains a naturally high concentration of oil, which allows for it to sustain the elements even if further oils and finishes aren’t applied.


Teak Furniture Provides A Classic Look

Much in the same way hardwood flooring can lift the look of almost any home, teak furniture provides an added level of refinement to your patio. Teak furniture pieces allow you to add an extra layer to your patio’s aesthetic without going completely overboard. Teak provides an upgraded look while maintaining the feeling that you’re at home.

While available in various colors and finishes, the natural looks that are provided when treated correctly assist in blending in with the comfort of nature. Your patio is provided the opportunity to blend with your surroundings in a more natural manner all while still making a statement with your outdoor living space.


Less Maintenance, but Still Some Maintenance

Teak furniture requires less attention when it comes to caring and maintaining for your outdoor furniture, but don’t be fooled, before we really get started, we would be remiss not to mention this isn’t a “get out of jail free” card. You’ll need to clean your furniture and your patio as you would with any other patio set. It’s outside, so expect dirt, dust, and pollen, but with proper upkeep, again, teak wood has a remarkable track record of surviving the outdoors.

Teak wood is naturally high in oils which means it is not only termite resistant but also can survive mildews and molds by preventing the integrity of the wood from sustaining actual damage and can be easily cleaned.

If there is one additional maintenance recommendation, direct constant sunlight should be avoided whenever possible. While the wood is made to sustain such conditions, it can still be vulnerable to extended damage if exposed too long and too often. Covered sections of your patio will love these accent pieces and you and your guests will love the comfort of the shade.


Be The Host With The Most

Whether you’re looking to transform your entire patio just in time for this year’s patio activities or simply add that perfect statement piece, teak furniture adds to any look and feel.

Teak wood typically comes with the wonderful benefits we’ve already mentioned and has maintained its reputation for very good reasons. Thankfully the team at the 99¢ Floor Store can help you transform your look for a fraction of the competition.

Our teak furniture pieces are the perfect addition to your patio or home and remember, when patio season is at its peak, if you’re in Spring, think teak!