Choosing your Commercial Carpet

Not all carpets are created equal and nothing quite personifies this the same way the residential carpet and commercial carpet simply contrast each other.

This isn’t your soft, comfort-focused carpet.

Commercial carpet is all about business.

It’s harder, more durable, and created to help with cleaning messes and standing up to additional traffic.

So how should you go about choosing the correct carpet for your office building?

Whether you’re a landlord or a business owner, check out our guide on 5 things to consider when picking the right carpet for your office building.

Consider the Traffic of Your Building when Considering Commercial Carpet

If your office is in a particularly high traffic area, it stands to reason that the carpet you choose will need to be up for the task ahead.

Commercial carpets that are exposed to higher volumes of traffic are more susceptible to various carpet related hazards such as the general wear and tear from walking and accident-related wear and tear, such as spills.

Don’t forget, offices are filled with other moveable items other than people.

  • It’s important to consider additional items that may otherwise be overlooked:
  • Is your office pet-friendly?
  • Will there be an excess of children present?
  • What is the estimated population and how will that translate into furnishings with wheels such as chairs or desks?
  • Have you considered if your carpet is suitable for those with disabilities and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Traffic isn’t always just a few people walking through your hallway, take everything reasonable and possible under your consideration.

Remember Your Office’s Environment

Do your employees and clients walk in through a nice, covered entryway leading from the enclosed tunnel passage from the garage or are they walking through a dirt parking lot at the yard making their way to the office?

It’s important to consider the traffic your carpet will face once it is inside; however, everything is a moot point without considering the outside environment as well.

Businesses that are considering carpet for areas that receive higher levels of traffic from unfavorable environments may want to reconsider the style, durability, and color of their commercial carpet choice.

Similar to your home, your business has to consider areas that could get wet such as a bathroom or kitchen area. Your office should probably avoid carpet in those areas but in some cases, it is unavoidable such as entryways after it rains. This is a good place to consider carpet tiles. You could consider putting a high grade of carpet tiles just in the entryway where the most traffic will occur and water could be introduced. Also with carpet tiles, if the entry gets worn faster you can replace just those tiles without replacing the entire floor. In the long run, it will save you money.

Your Commercial Carpet’s Color Matters

Whether you are renting the building to tenants, renting a space from a landlord or simply building an office for your business, the color of your carpet matters and can save you money.

This ties in well with the previous two points we’ve made, it comes down to traffic and the environment.

Higher traffic and/or nastier environments increase your risk for having spills occur on your flooring.

Cleaning and replacement costs can add up and tack on the hassle of having to physically have the carpet replaced just throws in another reason that considering color beforehand can help save you time and problems later.

Darker or neutral colors hide stains well and while it’s always a great idea to have a routine cleaning for your commercial carpet, you can hopefully avoid additional, unwarranted cleanings which may otherwise be necessary with a lighter color.

However, don’t be fooled. Offices with lower traffic can benefit from the aesthetic of a lighter color and present a clean look for their employees and guests. The overall idea is to choose the color style that works with your office’s lifestyle.

Time Is Money So Create a Game plan for Installing

The quicker your building is built, the quicker you can rent it out to tenants if you are a landlord or get to work if you are a business owner.

Regardless, the longer it takes to install your commercial carpet, the more it costs you in the long run.

Furthermore, if you are already operational, the time it takes to replace the carpet can be disruptive and prevent tenants from moving into their office space, thus slowing down revenue.

As a business owner, this can also be harmful to your bottom line because it may deter or prevent customers from visiting your location.

Speak with your commercial carpet provider ahead of time and together come up with a plan to make sure your install or replacement is quick and seamless before you start and end up losing money.

Better Quality of Air = Better Quality of Life   

One of the most overlooked aspects of choosing commercial carpet is finding the right kind that is not only good for the health of your office but for the health of your occupants.

Not all carpet is created equal, and installing commercial carpet that exceeds the minimum set forth by the Federal Housing Administration can provide your inhabitants with a better quality of air and a healthier lifestyle.

Quality Commercial Carpet for Less Than the Competitors

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