Shopping for Carpet the Smart way

Carpet is a beautiful flooring option for any homeowner looking for comfort. From shaggy lush carpeting to flat and smooth carpeting, maximum comfort and style is a sure thing!

But what do you do when the carpet choices seem all too overwhelming?
Large stores with wall to wall carpet options, flooded with endless color schemes and patterns don’t help. So how do you narrow down the (I don’t know and the maybes) and ultimately make the right choice for your home as well as your family?

In this article, we are going to be talking about carpeting Vs. indoor air quality and why it’s important to think about for any household looking to buy new carpeting.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Let’s start by talking about indoor air quality for a moment, and the importance of having clean, healthy air in your home.

Almost everyone today suffers from some kind of allergy, breathing problem, or even skin condition. The environments we live in have become so overly polluted that we’ve unfortunately become accustomed to it.

Claritin and Benadryl have become part of the everyday routine for a lot of people without even realizing it. The air outside that we breathe in every day is filled with much more than just plant and pollen allergens floating around. You could be breathing in a number of different things every day, just going to the grocery store. Pollutants like:

  • Lead
  • Green label carpet roll.Nitrogen oxide
  • Particulate matter
  • And even gases

This is precisely why it is imperative to keep the air quality within our homes as clean as possible. We spend half of our lives in our home, and it’s the one place we have a say in our air quality.

So when you are shopping for carpet, and you’re stuck between the flat mint green carpet and the shaggy olive one, compare the labels to consider how each option may affect your home environment.

There are so many factors to think about when you are looking to purchase carpeting, like do you have small children with allergies? Will the carpet you are considering help to reduce the unwanted allergens in your home? Or will it bring in its own problems and pollute your home even further?

The Truth About Carpet

Carpets are great ways to add style, comfort, and warmth to your home. They soften slips and falls, they help to reduce noise traveling through your home, and they even make a great hangout spot for the kids and their friends to lounge around and watch tv.

But did you know that some carpet options are heavily treated with chemicals that can be emitted into your home daily?

Even the adhesives used in some carpeting is bad for the air quality in your home. These harsh chemicals can be toxic to breathe in over long periods of time and extremely hard on your allergies.

How carpeting is treated by manufacturers is something you should really consider before introducing it into your home’s air space.

If you have family members with allergies or asthma, small children, pets, or even if you suffer from airborne allergens and skin conditions; you should consider Green Lable Plus carpeting as your best option.

Green Label Plus CRI- The Better Carpeting Option

The right carpeting can actually provide your home with the lowest VOC-emitting flooring option available! Many studies have even shown that people with asthma have improved symptoms with quality carpeting.

Small boy standing on newly installed green label carpeting.

This is exactly why CRI Green Label Carpeting is manufactured with the highest IAQ standards in mind. When it comes to carpeting, CRI takes the lead in environmental responsibility.

Green label plus products offer you peace of mind, knowing that you are getting the highest quality, lowest emitting carpeting product available on the market.

Green Label Plus ensures that your carpeting, carpeting adhesives, and even cushion products are made with your indoor air quality in mind and meet the most rigorous criteria for low chemical emissions.

When choosing carpet for your home, make sure to look for the green label for proof that the carpeting product has been tested and certified to meet low emission criteria.

Are you ready to pick out the right carpeting for your home with confidence? Check out the 99 Cent Floor Store today for quality carpeting options that not only keep your family comfortable and happy but healthy as well!