Are you ready to replace the damaged or outdated flooring in your home?

Are you also looking to replace them with the best quality for the lowest price possible?

If so, then you’re in luck!

The 99 Cent Floor Store is Houston’s leading company for a wide range of discount flooring material. The 99 Cent Floor Store uses top notch, first quality closeout flooring, offering you the best flooring material at the best price possible.

Now that you know where to find exactly what you need at the right price, let’s discuss some other factors that will also help you save, budget, and get the most out of your new flooring project!  


A few Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Flooring Project

 What does your budget look like? 

Cost is always a factor. Your budget should clearly and directly determine what you can and can’t do for a project before you even begin. Setting a budget will keep you on the right path and ready for every step of your flooring project, from purchase to installment.  


  • Start with your measurements. Accurately measuring your project space is a critical step in the flooring process. Getting proper floor space measurements will ensure that you not only get enough material for your space but will also ensure that you don’t overspend by buying extra material you may not need. The whole point of budgeting is to keep yourself from overspending. So pay close attention to it, consider the budget you come up with to be your roadmap to project satisfaction!


  • Now that you understand the importance of accurate measurements and have that part out of the way, let’s talk material, branding, and style. Different types of material are something you absolutely must consider when it comes to flooring. Because material costs can vary, the type you choose for your project can also impact your budget.


  • Like anything else, flooring material costs can also be impacted by branding. That being said, flooring brands are another factor you will want to research and consider.


  • When researching and comparing flooring brands you should be able to answer these questions for yourself…


What is the quality of their material like?

What are other buyers saying about this brand or recommending in comparison that will better fit your price range?  

-A little research goes a long way for pricing and comparing the quality and durability of different brands. Brand research absolutely pays off for saving, and that goes for any product.


What about style? Cheap-tile-flooring

Is there perhaps a specific color, pattern, or textural design that you are drawn to? What part will that play in your budget?


 Durability and Use

What is your lifestyle like? Do you have children or pets? Maybe even both?

If so, you may want to look into what the most durable flooring options are. Consider factors like scratch and stain resistance, as well as resistance to water damage if you have a pool or live in a flood risk area.


What are your plans for the heavy lifting?

Flooring projects can require a decent amount of hands-on labor. The question to ask yourself is, who will be performing all of this work?

Do you have the skill to remove your old flooring and reinstall the new flooring? If so, that’s a fantastic way to save yourself money quickly.


If you aren’t quite the handyman type (and most of us aren’t), then you will most likely want to do a little research on flooring installation costs and make a plan that works for your budget.

If you lack the skill AND the budget, YouTube is your best friend!

Depending on the type of install required and the materials you have chosen for your home, Youtube can easily make a DIY flooring project fairly simple with step by step instructions.


Now that your Budget is clear and backed by a bit of Planning, what’s next?

Well, it’s time for one of the most exciting steps in your project, shopping for your flooring materials! This is the part where you head over to the 99 Cent Floor Store and browse its wide range selection of quality flooring brands and materials.

The 99 Cent Floor Store is a company built to help you create the flooring of your dreams one square foot at a time, all the while helping you save money tremendously while sticking to your budget!

With the major savings they have to offer and a quality you can trust, you simply can’t go wrong! And, if the floors you really want are not quite within your budget, they can help you with that as well with interest-free financing.

Visit the 99 Cent Floor Store today and start your project off right!

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