Frequently Asked Flooring Questions

Here we have answered some of the most commonly asked flooring questions -

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1Do you install flooring too?

No, as a company we do not install. However, we do have a list of independent installers that we refer to our customers. We have worked with them for many years and know their work. We trust that they will do a professional job.

2How do I know how much flooring I’ll need?

You can determine the amount of flooring you need in 2 ways.

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The first way is to have an installer come out and measure your rooms to get an accurate amount you will need for your project.

The second way is to measure it yourself. To do this, measure the length and width of the room. Multiply the length x the width and that is your square footage. Don’t forget closets. Once you know your square footage multiply by 10% to account for waste.

If you are measuring for carpet installation, we recommend you get an installer to professionally measure your room. Carpet comes 12 feet wide so if your room is larger than 12 feet the carpet will need to be seamed. Carpet must remain on the grain when seaming. Not all installers place seams in the same place. So, based on where the seam is, and the style of carpet determines how much carpet you will need.

3What type of flooring will raise the value of my home most?

Wood flooring is a great way to add monetary value as well as a sense of luxury to your homes’ worth. According to real estate experts, wood flooring offers about a70-80% ROI and can boost your home’s sale value as much as 2.5%.

With that said, keep in mind homes under 250k are more about functionality. In some cases, the functionality of the home is worth more to a buyer than wood flooring.

4What type of flooring is best for my home?

The right flooring choice for your home depends on several key factors.

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  1. Budget
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Preference
  4. Added value
  5. Length of time you will be in present home.
5Do you offer financing options?

Absolutely, we strive to make sure our flooring options are affordable for all of our customers. We have several options for payment including financing. Apply for financing HERE.

6What makes 99¢ Floor store’s flooring cost so much less?
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When you purchase flooring for your average flooring retailer, they simply order your material from the manufacturer. This means you pay full manufacturer prices, and the stores mark up.

At the 99 Cent Floor Store, we do business differently. We know that the most expensive flooring is always the first cut of the factories run. This is exactly what that average flooring retailer will order for you. The remaining material is called an overrun. Overruns are sold for a fraction of the price compared to the first run. 99¢ Floor Store purchase truckloads getting better pricing. They also carry a lot of closeout and discontinued items. They import most of their own tile and bathtubs cutting out the middleman. 99¢ Floor Store has a large warehouse full of products giving you a large selection to choose from.

7What if you don’t have what I’m looking for?

If you find something you like somewhere else, let us know before you purchase! Because of our buying power with our vendors, we can get about 90% of the products sold elsewhere. And in most cases sell it cheaper.

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