Frequently Asked Questions - Carpet

Here we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about carpet-

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1What type of carpet is best?

Choosing the best carpet all depends on the type of use and/or your lifestyle, here are a few factors to consider:

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  • Is the carpeting going to be for an office or home?
  • What are the high traffic areas of your home, and how might they affect the carpet?
  • Do you have pets that live within your home?
  • How likely is your carpeting to experience stains?
  • Is there a particular carpeting style you are drawn too?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?

These are all essential factors to consider before you begin your shopping journey, as each answer will likely affect your decision.

2Will the color of my carpet fade?
(Dyed) carpeting can fade. However, almost all carpet now is solution dyed which is different and will not fade. Solution-dyed carpeting is warranted not to fade as well.
3Will there be seams in my carpet?

Carpeting comes 12 ft wide so if your room has one side that is 12ft or less you will not need a seam.

4How do I know how much carpet I need to purchase?
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It is always best to let the professionals tell you how much you need but if you measure your self you do have to keep in mind if the room is bigger than 12 ft there will be a seam and the carpet to stay with the grain.

So installers figure out where they will seam it and figure out how much extra carpeting they need.

5Do you install my carpet for me?

We are cash and carry. We do not install as a company but we do have a list of preferred installers that we can share with you.

6Is carpet ok for people with allergies?

With carpeting, dust and allergens tend to remain locked into the fibers in one secure place until vacuumed up, making carpet a great way to control allergens. With smooth surface flooring, allergens like dust and pet dander tend to be more free-flowing and hard to control.

For individuals with allergies, synthetic fiber carpeting is a great flooring choice.

7What does (VOC) & (IAQ) stand for, and is it relevant to my selection?
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  • VOC - Stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are chemicals that have high vapor pressure in ordinary room temperatures.
  • IAQ - Stands for Indoor Air Quality, which refers to the air quality within a structure and how it relates to the health of its inhabitants.

These are both crucial factors to consider when purchasing carpet for your home. Ideally, the lowest VOC-emitting carpet options are best for your family's health and your home's indoor air quality.

8What does Green Label Plus mean?

Green Label Plus is a testing program that identifies carpeting materials with very low VOC emissions to help improve the indoor air quality of the buyer's home.

Green Label Plus is simply a grade that lets you know as the buyer, that a specific carpeting material is safe and preferred for indoor air quality.

9Will I need to purchase carpet padding as well?
Most companies require new padding for the warranty to cover the carpeting. You may want to put something like: You may want to check the warranty when deciding to put new padding or keep the old.
10Is carpet hard to install?
Absolutely not. All you need is the right tools and some step-by-step directions. Check out this blog on how to install carpet!