31 10, 2019
  • Wood Look Tile installation.

Wood Look Tile: Luxury Without the Price Tag

Wood Look Tile: Luxury Without the Price Tag What is Wood Look Tile? Wood Look Tile is exactly as it sounds- Tile that looks like wood. “What’s so great about tile that looks like wood?” you might ask. Well… Looking through magazines and Pinterest you see the beautiful kitchens done in hardwood flooring that flows

15 10, 2019
  • Bathroom renovation inspiration.

Renovation Inspiration: Upgrading Your Bathroom for Less

Renovation Inspiration: Upgrading Your Bathroom for Less Looking for Bathroom Renovation Inspiration? The bathroom, a room of many vital functions for every household member and while we could divulge into many topics here, often overlooked is the possibility of function and luxury our bathrooms can become. Think about it, the living room, your bedroom, they

26 09, 2019
  • Alternative flooring options make great focal pieces.

5 Unique Uses and Upcycles for Flooring

Unique Flooring Uses and Upcycles When it comes to flooring options, your decor may have even more options than meets the eye. Of course, utilizing the right floor for your home improvement project can have noticeable effects such as a new aesthetic, a new physical feel, and a fresh start with the room of your

19 09, 2019
  • Green label carpeting is an excellent choice for your home flooring.

Green Label Plus- Better Carpet, Better IAQ

Shopping for Carpet the Smart way Carpet is a beautiful flooring option for any homeowner looking for comfort. From shaggy lush carpeting to flat and smooth carpeting, maximum comfort and style is a sure thing! But what do you do when the carpet choices seem all too overwhelming? Large stores with wall to wall carpet

23 08, 2019
  • Laminate is great for that expensive hardwood appearance without the expensive price tag.

Get Luxury Looks for Your Home With Laminate Flooring

Get Luxury Looks for Your Home With Laminate Flooring Homes have many options for the flooring these days, and with these array of options, it can be hard to know what works best for you. There are many different ways to go and reasons to do so; however, today, we’re here to speak on the

16 08, 2019
  • Solution dyed carpeting is a great choice for your home.

Solution Dyed- Carpeting that Lasts!

Solution Dyed Carpet! Carpet is comfort. it’s just that simple. In a day where nearly everyone seems to want tile or wood flooring, there are still people who enjoy the cozy homey feel of lush carpeting. Carpeting is wonderful for people who like to come home, kick off their shoes and lounge around the house.