Deciding the Right Flooring Option

The use of flooring inside one’s home has a rather unique and detailed history. Throughout time, various cultures have succeeded in finding ways to adapt and create solutions to their flooring needs. Everything from dirt to hay to rice powder, even heated tiles have been used for thousands of years to fulfill flooring solutions.

Today, thanks to manufacturing, we here in Houston and all over the world are still provided with many different types of flooring, although with a modern twist.

Homeowners have an array of styles to choose from and make a statement. With everything that is available today, deciding on a type of flooring can cause some serious consumer overload. We’re here to guide you on some trends that will lend you inspiration for a modern home in 2019, and beyond.

10 Flooring Trends for the Present and the Future

Every style of flooring brings a unique attribute to a room and home. Aside from looks, flooring can affect our lives in regard to maintaining and cleaning a home, durability, and comfort level.

Here are ten flooring trends and the different benefits that each will bring to transform your living space:

1. Waterproof Flooring– Since hurricane Harvey, the demand for waterproof flooring has risen but there is so many to choose from. Where do you start? Vinyl flooring is the most water-
resistant flooring. One of the most innovative floors in waterproof technology is Ridge Core. Ridge Core is a very dense vinyl that resists denting from heavy furniture or scratches. With any product there are many different thicknesses, wear layers, textures, and colors. Talking to a floor expert about your needs and lifestyle can help you choose the correct waterproof floor.

2. Combining Textures and Patterns– For anyone wishing to make a statement in there home and to really do something different, try something a little different. Sure, sticking to a
single style is playing it safe, but using different textures and patterns to create a unique look can give your home a signature that is unparalleled. Just keep in mind that going overboard may hurt you if you plan on selling your home, but using a pinch of your imagination can leave it a memorable and unique place.

3. Bold Carpet Colors– Interior design as in the most part been neutral in color and texture. We are starting to see a move toward more colors and patterned carpet. Using different colors to
add a bit of character and “pop” to your room can go a long way. Bold carpet flooring is like an accent wall, only for your floor. If you want to stay with neutral colors because you may plan to
sell your home, going with texture is the next best thing. In the end, your personal preference should play the biggest factor in which carpet you choose.

4. How to choose hardwood flooring– Traditionally hardwood came in thick planks of solid timber this is still used today. The only issue is here in the south humidity plays a part in
hardwood floors. Engineered hardwood is made of a thinner top layer which is bonded to several other layers to prevent the floor from shifting during expansion and contraction from the humidity in the air. So, if you live in the south and want to turn your air conditioner off while on vacation, engineered hardwood might be for you.

5. Wood Looking Tile–  The popularity of this type of tile flooring has gone through the roof. There have been amazing developments in the industry’s digital technology. Digital printing has
replaced screen printing allowing for more detailed and realistic aesthetics as well as less pattern repeat. Not only is wood look tile beautiful, compared to hardwood it is very low maintenance.

6. Distressed Wood– Jeans with holes, faded t-shirts, even our furniture is distressed. Consumers love a look that shows a sophisticated yet experienced look. Distressed wood has a
bright future as it can add character to a new or modern home while maintaining the integrity of a structurally new hardwood floor. If you are a homeowner and looking for a newer home, but still long for the impression of a home that has withstood the test of time, distressed wood is a perfect solution.

7. Vinyl That Looks Like Marble– Vinyl flooring is on the rise. No, that wasn’t a typo. Vinyl is back and has a new look! The classic look of marble flooring will almost certainly never
die. Marble has been around for literally thousands of years, and now if you would like to own the look without shelling out a fortune, you can! Classic and regal, vinyl flooring that resembles marble is the perfect way to add prestige and elegance for a fraction of the cost.

8. Water Resistant Laminate– Laminate has always been more durable than hardwood but like wood, you can’t get it wet, until now. Kronoswiss laminate is engineered to withstand
topical moisture such as everyday household spills for at least 48 to 72 hours. If liquids are spilled on the floor you have days not minutes to wipe up the spill before it affects your floor.
Finally, a laminate floor you can wet mop.

9. Flooring That Is Made in America– While this is not a particular style per se, it is an important trend we are seeing in 2019. More and more homeowners and consumers are opting to
buy American made when given the option while shopping. Unlike the obvious aesthetic changes, our other flooring choices may bring for the demeanor of your home, buying American supports domestic businesses and can instill a bit of pride in the purchaser.

10. Solution Dyed Carpet– No matter which home you enter you will almost always find at least one room with carpet. People just love the feel of soft carpet between there toes but they don’t like cleaning it. Thanks to technology solution dyed carpet has really trended. The color of traditional carpet fibers sits on top like the red skin of a radish. Cut the radish open and the middle is white. With solution dyed carpet the color penetrates the fiber like the orange color of a carrot. Cut the carrot in half and the middle is still orange. This means you can
use a solution of bleach and water to clean any spill and it won’t fade the carpet making clean up easier.

For More Ideas, Check Out Our Flooring Solutions

Deciding on your home’s flooring design can be a bit daunting on the surface. Even beyond these trends, there are many more options available and what starts as a fun opportunity to play decorator can add unwarranted stress to a project. Eliminate the stress and contact the experts at the 99¢ Floor Store to see what we can do for your home by alleviating the hassles, and helping you find your new look.