Unique Flooring Uses and Upcycles

When it comes to flooring options, your decor may have even more options than meets the eye.

Of course, utilizing the right floor for your home improvement project can have noticeable effects such as a new aesthetic, a new physical feel, and a fresh start with the room of your choosing; however, your decorating skills can reach another level when you incorporate flooring in additional areas of your rooms.

Both old flooring that is being replaced and excess flooring that is leftover from your current home improvement project can be utilized and upcycled into amazing side projects that can add to the look of your room.

Get some inspiration with these 5 unique uses and upcycles for flooring decor that doesn’t merely focus on the ground you walk on.

Bring Your DIY Crafting to Another Level

DIY crafts are the perfect stage for utilizing floor material in nontraditional flooring applications.

Add a pop to your decor by using small DIY projects to make a significant impact.

Vinyl flooring can be utilized on your existing walls in designs and shapes to give your rooms a renewed look.

Creative flooring designs.

Don’t forget about those tiles. Tile flooring can be used to cover small items such as vases or decorative bowls to add additional layers and textures to your room’s look.

Feeling artistic?

Tile flooring is a great medium to use when you want to access your inner Picasso and can be used as a canvas for your home’s art.

Wood Floors = Wall Panels, Tile Flooring = Shower Walls

Okay, we’re cheating so what?

Wood panels for your common rooms out of excess hardwood flooring may not be the most unique look on our list, but it sure is a classic.

Take it up a notch and create a faux shiplap look for a modern, vintage look and be known as your neighborhood’s very own Chip or Joanna Gaines!

Tile in the shower, yes we’ve seen it before, but again, think classic.

A luxurious spa-like is only a Saturday afternoon and excess tile flooring pile away.

Tile flooring pile…say that 10 times fast.

Custom Paintings and Artwork

Laminate flooring has a great appeal to many homeowners due to its similarity to hardwood floors, but transferring these theories to additional applications can be valuable as well.

Painting laminate floor pieces into custom artwork is another great way to add personality and charm to your home’s walls.

Dedicate a section to your family name and crest or hang inspirational quotes across your living room.

Let your artistic side fly or get your kids involved and have the perfect project that can create memories for years to come.

Make Mom Proud, Make and Use Some Table Coasters

Small wooden coasters made from hardwood floors or laminate floors are a great addition to any coffee table.

Tile flooring can also make for unique coasters and will bring your next patio session up a notch.Build something new with scrap flooring materials.

Remember how we suggested painting the laminate or tiles?

Add custom designs to your coasters or stain hardwood flooring and create a look of luxury that is elegant and timeless.

Create Extra Layers and Textures Within the Same Room

Using different combinations within the same room is a great way to open up an entirely new aspect to your home decor.

Saving old tiles or laminate to be used within a room with a pattern of other tiles or hardwood that complements a space can add a focal point and enhance any aesthetic.

Consult with your flooring provider and installer to discuss the possibilities, looks, and logistics associated with your room and watch the possibilities unfold.

Getting Creative in the Greater North Houston

Flooring is a great way to add a burst to all of the rooms in your home and when you let your imagination fly, the possibilities start to come together.

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