There are so many Reasons to Love Hardwood Flooring!

Ever since building a home became more than just building a structure for shelter, hardwood has been a widely loved and popular flooring choice.

Hardwood flooring offers many benefits to a homeowner, such as;

  • Appealing character and style.
  • That comforting homey feel that everyone looks for.
  • Cared for properly, hardwood is durable and truly lasts.
  • And hardwood flooring even adds value to your home!

Overall, wood flooring is one of the best ways to go when deciding on flooring for your home. And like any worthwhile flooring material, hardwood does require some care and overtime even replacement.

In this article, we are going to be talking about some of the main reasons it may be time for you to consider replacing your wood flooring. Let’s get started.

1. Hardwood Flooring Vs. Water Damage

Wood flooring does not pair well with water.

We all know by now that wood flooring and water don’t play well together. Water damage in your hardwood is absolutely a good reason to consider flooring replacement.

Common Causes of Water Damage

  • Leaks that aren’t fixed quickly
  • Sinks/baths left on to overflow
  • Poor plumbing/busted pipes
  • Floodwaters
  • Rain leaking through the ceiling onto the floor
  • Improper care and maintenance.

Not sure if your hardwood flooring has water damage or not?

Here are some signs to look for-

  • Cupping- If you notice the edges of your wood planks starting to swell up (Cupping) then this is a pretty sure sign of water damage in your flooring.
  • Dark or discolored areas- Dark and discolored areas in your wood flooring can be fairly indicative of water damage.
  • Lingering musty smells- As water damage sets into hardwood flooring, it has a tendency to produce a musty/moldy smell. Foul smells coming from hardwood flooring are a pretty common occurrence when water damage has set in.

2. Heavily Worn Hardwood

Very old or uncared for hardwood tends to really showcase wear and tear. Intense scuffs, scratches, and breaks in your hardwood may indicate a need for replacement, whether that be all of your flooring or just specific sections.

Also, wood flooring that has been refinished multiple times or even over-sanded can cause a lot of wear and tear as well. The reason for this is due to the material being worn thin which makes hardwood even more susceptible to damage.

3. Termite Damage!

Termite damage is a dreaded fear for anyone with wood flooring. These pesky little devils sure know how to destroy quickly by hitting you where it hurts… your hardwood!

Termite damage tends to go hand in hand with our first point “Water Damage”. The reason for this is because termites prefer softer wood which is typically caused by moisture settling into your wood flooring.

If you’re noticing rotting floorboards around your home or little white ants then you likely have a termite problem. Termites spread, and not only that, their feces can actually cause Dermatitis flare-ups and allergies. The best way to combat a termite infestation is to remove, treat, and replace your wood flooring as quickly as possible.

4. Last but not Least, Value!

One of the biggest perks to having wood flooring is the value it instantly adds to your home. Just as quality hardwood adds value, damaged wood quickly takes it away. If your home is suffering from damaged, pest-infested, worn out, or simply even outdated hardwood, an upgrade would really do your homes value a lot of good!

Does Damaged Hardwood Flooring = A Damaged Wallet?

So you’ve assessed your hardwood and determined that it is time for replacement, but wood flooring is so costly, right?

Actually, when you use a family-owned company such as 99 Cent Floor Store for material, your overall cost for a hardwood flooring replacement project go way down. By 30-50% to be exact, now that’s saving!

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